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I'm Vief, I take too many photos and run around too much. So, I timetravel sometimes. Well, we can't all live in the now!

Puppet Circus

I [Lolita] fashion – photography – languages and linguistics – my friends – musical theatre – concerts – Disney – mermaids – art – tv series – your face – vegan food – crazy coloured hair – ponies –  tattoos – stuff on my head – crochet – herbal tea – Benedict Cumberbatch rainbows – sparkles & unicorns.

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Please leave feedback here if I've bought something from you.

I also have feedback on Ebay and Etsy. [So far it's both 100% positive.] 
The feedback on loligoth_dbs [under "verdronkenvisje"] and eglfeedback : laviefantasque is all positive too! ^_^

Thank you very much!

[This is for future reference, not only for other people I'd hope to buy from but also for you, if I want to buy from you again. ^_^ Thanks again.]

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Hiii world! I have fun news! You can find me and some of my lolita friends in the September issue of Marie Claire magazine!!

Marie Claire sept '12 overview of HJ report
overview of the pages, view big on Flickr

The magazine is reporting on the spring edition of Hyper Japan, which I visited with Annso earlier this year. I still have to write my own report, but it’s okay because apparently magazines also take months. Haha. At least now I feel a little more inspired to hurry up ^_~

Let’s take a look at the pages of the magazine!

Marie Claire sept '12 HJ report
view big on Flickr

Page 90: Girls’ World
“Performer Ruth Matsunga and J-pop fan Lizzie Ooi at the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture”

Marie Claire sept '12 HJ report
view big on Flickr

Page 91: Living Dolls
“British girls obsessed with Harajuku style travelled from across the UK to attend Hyper Japan in London”

Marie Claire sept '12 HJ report
view big on Flickr

Page 92: Tania Tanzil, Mel Philippides and Felicity Clifton

Tania: “I love the craftsmanship and quality of Lolita pieces, and the aspect of modesty – I feel like a lady. Styles are changing – I’ve seen ‘sweet Lolita’ evolve from a more old-school style to an over-the-top look. Prints have changed from simple cupcakes to rainbows on ice cream castles with frolicking teddy bears!”

Mel: “Today, I’m sweet Lolita, which is pastel colours. I was a tomboy when I was younger, but this is a way of enjoy being feminine and girlie.”

Felicity: “I imported my dress from Japan for about £150. I’m inspired by London street style and designers like Mary Katrantzou, too, but I think there are so many trends now that people can feel overwhelmed. With Lolita fashion, you can invest in iconic key pieces and wear them for years.”

Marie Claire sept '12 HJ report
view big on Flickr

Page 93: Kairi Mori

Kairi: “I’ve been into Japanese fashion for about seven years. Initially, I was searching for fashion styles to inspire my illustrations. In real life, I look similar to this but dressed down – old people tend to think I look adorable. They’re always like, ‘I want to pinch your cheeks!’”

Marie Claire sept '12 HJ report
view big on Flickr

Page 94: Ann-Sophie Vermeylen, Emer, Vief Cornelissen

Note: they swapped Annso’s and my face around with our text. So note that the names and text make sense, just not the pictures xD Also note tiny typo in Annso’s last name, oh well…

Vief: “Other students at Leeds love my look and my family thinks the dresses are feminine and unique. Now, when I go back home, my dad is like, ‘Look, she’s a living artwork!’”

Emer: “I look totally different to this in my everyday life – I don’t wear make-up and my hair is extremely short, like a boy. I used to wear Lolita, but now I’m older I just like the dresses, which I wear casually, without the petticoat or wig.”

Annso: “My mother and sisters think [Lolita fashion] is immature and expensive, but my boyfriend really likes it and occassionally he dresses up too, in the male, aristocratic style.”


So, what do you think? I find it quite awesome to see so many gorgeous ladies from around here in such a big publication! And I find it really cool that people like Emer and Annso travelled to get there, and are not excluded from the report.

The big text on page 93 is very positive about Lolita fashion and the whole event, calling us “human cupcakes” (in my opinion a good kind of compliment!). They go on to explain there are different styles and even make sure to note that there are no sexual connotations, as well as include a brief history of the fashion. I like that they included a parallel of Briitsh and Japanese fashion and subculture, saying it originated as a reaction to older generations. All in all, I think it’s an interesting read, nothing eye-opening for me but hopefully informative for the rest of the Marie Claire readers!

It’s always a bit nerve-wrecking when you pose for photos or give information to people. What do you say? What are they going to use? In the case of this happening at a convention this is extra stressful because you’re not in your comfort zone. People will approach when you are in the middle of a conversation with friends you only see once a year, when you are trying to buy something from a stall, or, in our case, when you are eating! Haha.

There are also a few cases where we get photographed and we will never see the publication, so I’m really glad to see this now! It’s funny because even in such small bits of text you still get a sense of a person. For example I agree completely with Mel, I used to be a bit of a tomboy as well. And us lolitas know exactly what print Tania is talking about ;D
I personally find it interesting that they took that quote about my dad. I guess they couldn’t really explain the whole situation, that my dad lives in the Netherlands, that I used to dress horribly and now I’ve, fortunately, changed… haha.

It’s sad that I did not manage to meet Emer in real life again, I’ve met her before when I visited Dublin, but at least our photos are close together? XD

Ah, there is so much I still want to say on the topic of Hyper Japan because it was so much fun…! But I’ll leave that to another post. I hope you enjoyed my scans and words and if you can, buy it in real!

As you can guess from the title, this was a striped-socks post.

24 July 2011 @ 01:57 pm
einn. DRAMAAAAAAA! Online, real life, old, new, warranted, unwarranted... It's tiring.

tveir. Having to go to the toilet when not at home, and worse, when on periods. Hate it so much!

þrír. The entitlement some people feel. *shrug*

fjórir. Unnecessary strictness on some parts, and lack of creativity. It's a street fashion, girls. Not a contest. Have fun! Online it's certainly not a trend to be very experimental... and that's a pity.

fimm. HEAT. I can take cold, but when it's too hot... T_T;;

sex. The amount of time it takes to make myself look presentable :> Haha. Sometimes I like putting in a lot of time and effort... other times, not so much. [And then I see photos and regret all my decisions later. Fun!]

sjö. The battles for items... why are there so little of everything? Seems like there are so many popular things that a lot of us want, and only a few get them. Makes me sad!

átta. Obviously the price tag. And issues with customs. Oh customs, I HATE YOU SO MUCH!

níu. Negative attention and the unwarranted 'harassment' kind of stuff. From outsiders and insiders alike, it's not nice. Wish that could stop already.

tíu. I don't necessarily hate this, and doesn't apply only to Lolidom, but I sometimes dislike the work that goes into the organisation of things and find it annoying when people spend too much time arguing instead of making things work. [This is totally the reason why I take breaks from the forums and communities. I apologize, but I'd rather take a step back and come back fresh than to get too caught up.] That said, I also hate that I sometimes give up too easily and get so caught up it's hard to go back! Should work on this.
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22 July 2011 @ 07:20 pm
'Sup, I've been a busy little bee, sooooo here's finally day four!

Dedicated to feestjes ;D who is sitting on my couch at the moment! Feestje indeed.

SWEET obviously.

BUT! I'm going to have to sub-style because I had a hard time picking, so, I'm going to start with the stuff that got me into Sweet in the first place (because initially, I liked Gothic best, then again, who doesn't...) and that's the more 'gothic' stuff that AP did. {Warning: I'm going to pimp out Puppet Circus throughout this whole challenge thing because it's the best thing in the entire history of Loli.}

In the beginning, I was very much into the "dark, Victorian" kind of Gothic Lolita that was around in 2005 and 2006... and then I saw Sweet Loli as "pinks, blues, stuffed toys" and it didn't sound like me at all.

crappy ad

But then I started actually wearing stuff and it just turned out to be Sweet. Didn't take long and I was a full Angelic Pretty convert! ^_~

Milky Planet ad

I tried to find photos of the 'sub'styles of Sweet that I like, but all photos are crappy u_U;;

Why I like Sweet:
I like prints, I like (pastel) colours, I like the uber mega super cupcake shape, I like OTT accessories and unique coordinates, just as much as I like clone coordinates!


Sugary Carnival ad
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16 July 2011 @ 11:13 pm
een. I love the escapism. Dressing outside of the norm is a form of escaping the dreary 'normal' contemporary society, and having meet ups is a form of escaping mundane life. I have always loved creating my own little world.

twee. I love the historical part of Lolita, e.g. Classic or when there are hints to 'old' values and morals. I never wish I could've been born in earlier eras, I always wish that people from this era just put as much effort in their appearance/lifestyle. I love hoopskirts and corsets and bloomers and pettis and lace and colours. I also love going for a stroll with a parasol.

drie. For obvious reasons I love prints because it enables me to express my fanism over certain stupid things like cakes and apples and strawberries! Hurrah. Wearing art is fun!

vier. I love meeting friends all over the world! It's super fun. Post on the Internet before leaving somewhere and you're sure to have a lovely day with like-minded people. I'm so grateful for having so many friends! I love being friends with a lot of different individuals and being connected through this special thing that we love.
Also, meeting very interesting and intelligent people who don't necessarily end up being your best friend, but who help you along your path.
Meet ups, events, tea parties... it falls under this too! LOVE IT.

vijf. Twinning. When done in a proper, fun way. [So not the "oh hey, accidentally same dress lolol" thing] Huuuuhuuuuhuuuuu I love it so much - as if nobody had noticed that yet xD but I also really love doing multiples, like with Milky Planet! ♥

zes. I love putting together outfits - also for other people -, and Lolita really has taught me that. It's also the most fun to do in Lolita I think. Sometimes I wish I could be a visual merchandiser [the people who dress up mannequins or style shop windows] or personal stylist, I could literally piece outfits together allllll dayyyy.

zeven. This goes without saying, but... The prettiness. Whatever the style, whoever the creator, whatever the occassion... I love looking at pretty things!

acht. Jumping. There's just something magical about jumping in Lolita - floating like a balloon ^_~ Mid-jump photos obligatory.

negen. Making someone's day, but I already said that. Making my own day! I feel so much more fun when wearing it, so that's what I love about it too.

tien. I love having found a place where I belong. I took so long trying to find my spot and never getting it quite right in other styles, never being accepted and never feeling comfortable. Now, I feel comfortable. And it's amazing, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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I deliberately tried to find a picture of before I got the FRUiTS book, because then I had no idea of the existence of Lolita at all, and I found out that I actually wrote on this journal about buying that book! How cute.
{{Note to clarify: I was in my height of hating everything, especially high school because I had to resit, and it was before I met Muffin and I was going through a lot of thinking.}}

Here's a photo of a liiiiittle bit [days, weeks] before I got the book, it's kind of a dumb 'me' photo because it's a group shot, but it's one of my favourite photos in life.

This was in 2005, it was the night of Y's birthday and we'd gone to see The Grudge together. After that, we spent time at Y's house and goofed around. I was genuinely happy that day, and happy to be with my friends, which is why I love this dumb photo so much.

You can tell it's a long time ago because I'm wearing jeans, that particular pair I got in a secondhand shop and I bought them waaay too big. That was my style for a little while: big stuff. My hoodie is also the worst thing in the world: ugly colour, too big, weird fabric, no shape. But it was my favourite hoodie for quite some time. And of course that scarf. I wouldn't go anywhere without my scarf. I wore it everywhere, everyday. Literally everyday, also in the heat of summer!
That scarf was my thing, together with the spiked necklace. [Then I lost the scarf and got a new one, and dyed it purple, and then I lost that one, and got a new one... eventually I got over my scarf thing.]

I didn't wear make up and my hair was long and boring!

And, as you can see, still wearing braces.

It's not like I changed my style overnight after getting the FRUiTS book - but I don't have many 'outfit' like photos from that time and if I do, then the outfit is horrible xD.
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un. It was a very conscious decision to start wearing Lolita - but then again, it must have been like that for everyone?
I got into Lolita through the FRUiTS book, and I got into that through my friend Tadhg, back in high school. My interest for Lolita was definitely sparked, in 2007 I made the conscious decision to stop looking and lurking and just go at it - I haven't looked back since.

dau. I always feel like "the outsider". Not that I don't feel integrated or loved within a group. It's my own fault for moving around so much and wanting to be part of everything, then I end up not feeling like a real part of anything. ^_~
[Note: I've also always felt like an outsider within my school and tight group of friends, so this is a very deeply rooted thing and probably won't go away. It's not limited to Lolita, either.]

tri. I've done some pretty 'bad' buys in the past, only recently have I done really good deals, now I feel stupid buying things I never wear anymore at such high prices - it makes me wish I'd thought about some things instead of impulse buying. Lolita is not a good fashion for impulse buys.

pedwar. Very vital point of my Lolita life: I go through bursts of obsession and activity. Sometimes I get spurs of being very active and I can't imagine anything else in the world. I have never fallen out of love with Lolita yet!

pump. I'm going to miss my Belgian loli family a lot after I move. That's for sure. T_T;

chwech. Even though I may be a total shopaholic and be useless with money... There is only one item I would pay more than 500 euros for - given I have the money - as a single item. Guess which one?

saith. I'm in a constant battle with my hair and Loli is not at all helping. Haha.

wyth. My biggest wish for the Lolita community is for everyone to co-exist in happiness. Everyone doesn't have to be friends, just tolerant co-existence is enough. [A girl can dream... ;D]

naw. Lolita is a really, really big part of my life and I have no regrets. I do however feel ashamed sometimes if I think about the big picture and the materialistic side of it all. Honestly, I sometimes feel overdressed when hanging with my 'childhood' friends, and wonder if they find it annoying that I dress in Loli.

deg. Just one smile or compliment can make my day and confirm that I'm not only wearing Lolita for myself, but that [street]fashion and self-expression are vital parts of human life! This has always been the reason for me to do the things I do in the way I do them, and I hope I'll continue doing that for quite a little while.
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