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bienvenue, links.
hi ; I'm Vief, I'm 25 and I like photos, language and Lolita.

about this journal ; My journal is public for a big part, add me if you like. ^_^ New friends are fun!

about me ; I'm a happy, enthusiastic, openminded person who loves discovering new places and meeting new people. I think in multiple languages, but write in mostly English - sometimes Dutch. I'm currently studying Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of Leeds.
Warning: I have a very obsessive personality! I love taking photos of everything, yet it's apparently hard for me to keep up with posting. I also have a million accounts everywhere [but who doesn't, nowadays?] If you want to contact me, it's best to look for me on the links to the right, or just PM me ^_^

about lolita ; Lolita fashion is a big part of my life as well, and if you can't handle anything related to it - maybe this journal isn't for you. I might add: if you're a lolita and you want to add me, go right ahead, but I will try and find other interests for me to add you back - I don't collect people, I like to genuinely connect with them.


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